Sunday School

Christian formation and education is provided for children during the school year at 10am on Sunday mornings by a team of trained Sunday school teachers. Our Sunday school teachers use a curriculum which follows the Sunday scripture readings of the Episcopal church.

Living the Good News curriculum is recommended for children by the national church. For more information, click on: .

Child Care: Free child care is offered to children ages 2 - 5 years by Safe Church Certified leaders during our 10 a.m. services. 

Sunday School:

Sunday school is offered every 4th Sunday of the month for children ages 5-12 years by Safe Church Certified teachers.

Creative Service – 2nd Sunday of each month

We have a special creative worship service on the second Sunday of each month at 10am in which the children of the parish play an active role in leading the worship.. Some of these roles include: reading a lesson, dramatizing the Gospel lesson, participating in the sermon, assisting at the altar, and leading the Prayers of the People.

Mission Outreach:

Our children also learn to witness to the love of Christ by participating intergenerationally in our community life by assisting in the Soup Kitchen, fund-raising dinners, and bazaars.


Education for adults is offered informally on Sunday mornings and through special programs planned for the Lenten season and other times. Our parish has a history of using video, literature, and Bible study for adult education.

Sunday Mornings at 10:00 a.m. “Coffee & Fellowship ”- informal sharing of questions and answers over coffee.


Lenten Programs:
An educational series or book discussion for adults during a portion of the Lenten season is usually offered.

(See Upcoming Events for more details)