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St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Sunday Eucharist @ 10:00
The Rev. Maryalice Sullivan
The Rev. James W. Kelliher, Deacon
Bradley Marshall, sign language interpreter


The meaning of the word Epiphany is "an appearance or manifestation especially of a divine being."  Usually unexpected, but life changing, a gift freely given by God.

An ordinary rock,
Lying on the sidewalk,
Doing what rocks do
Which is not much.

Something about the rock 
Caught the eye of a small child
It called to her
pick me up, pick me up please.

The rock in the palm of her hand
Was warm, full of rays of the spring sun,
It was as if the sun kissed the skin
Awaking something deep within.

Just for a second, or maybe a nano second,
It was as if God our creator was also beheld 
within the palm of the hand,
The creator, the sun, the rock and the child

God opening the heart to see,
The whole of creation connected,
Every thing and every one bound together
by the hand of the God who made us.

An Epiphany!

Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 20, 2019
come one come all-we will elect the officers and members of The Bishop Committee- Vote on the bylaws for the second year, the budget will be presented, and we will have done what is needed.


Remember all this, remember the dust, well we are still living with the dust and there is more dust to come, but we are almost done.  On January 20th following the service we will be holding coffee hour in the newly renovated rectory.  Yes, a chance to glimpse all the hard work, the numerous hours of hard work; to give thanks to Dean and Ruth who have given so much to this project.  To see the new paint, the new bathroom, the new kitchen, push the button and make the new garage door go up and down, see the newly sanded floors and all the work that has been done.  Wow! we are almost there-so let's plan on celebrating.  
Our tenants will be moving in shortly after that so this is our chance to see the wonderful changes.  Cannot promise that it will all be cleaned by then, but it will be beautiful.  
So come and celebrate!


I am happy to announce that our new tenants are 
The Rev. Jim Kelliher and his husband Paul Mayben



Happy New Year!

A prayer for the Beginning of the New Year

One year ends
Only for a New Year to begin, 
the cycle of life
Ever evolving, ever changing;

All part of God’s holy plan,
For each of us to see all things new,
To forgive what needs to be forgiven,
To give thanks for the abundant generosity of our God;

To rejoice in our joys,
To allow ourselves to be held in our sorrows,
To walk into the New Year,
Knowing that our God walks with us.
Loving us, forgiving us,
Wanting for each of us all good things,
Longing for each of us to choose the light,
And God’s love today and everyday.



Christmas - Filled with Joy!

Thanks to everyone who helped to make Christmas joyful.  Out altar is still beautiful, filled with plants and flowers of the season and lots of love.  Thank you to all who added to our Christmas feasts of cakes and cookies and such good conversation.  

We heard once again the story of Mary and Joseph who traveled to Bethlehem and there gave birth to our Lord and Savior, Jesus.  A story that we all know well - A story that is our story as we travel to new place in our lives.  God guided then, as God is guiding us now, may we continue to have strength and courage to live into our journey.  God with us!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the lovely gifts that Jim, Aurora, Catherine and I received on Christmas Eve.  I have mine tucked away for some vacation time in Florida in late January.  All of you were very generous and your generosity is

greatly appreciated.

Pampered Chef:

The winners of the Pampered:
Donna O’Connor-Rockcrok
Geoffrey Hitt-Pizza Stone
Deseree Cama-Ice Cream Maker
Total money raised $600.00
Thank you to one and all.

Annual Meeting - January 20, 2019
Please plan on joining us



Safe Church Training for Lay Members 

Saturday, February 2, 2019
8:30am - 3pm

St. David's on the Hill
200 Meshanticut Valley Parkway
Cranston, RI 02920

The Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island is offering in-person Safe Church training  for lay employees and volunteers. This will the first of two training opportunities in the early part of 2019 for lay members, including Sunday school teachers, Vestry/Bishop's Committee members, and paid employees.  All the information about the February training session at St. David's and how to register is here. We will have a Northern RI training in early summer as well.

 This training day has two parts.  The morning session is required for everyone who desires any kind of Safe Church certification, whether their primary work is with children or adults.  Volunteers who only work with children or youth just need to attend the morning session.

There will be two simultaneous afternoon sessions. One will be for Vestry/Bishop's Committee members and employees of the congregation (e.g. paid musicians, sextons, office staff).  The other will be for those who are seeking a license as a Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV). You cannot attend either afternoon session without attending the morning session.

 The afternoon LEV session will also provide the additional practical training required for a Lay Eucharistic Visitor license. Those seeking to be licensed as LEVs also need to have their priest sign their license application and submit it to Mary Ann Mello before January 28 at 

Please feel free to email Mary Ann with any questions you may have.

Registration starts at 8:30am. Training starts promptly at 9am. If you are staying for an afternoon session, please bring a bag lunch. Snacks, coffee and drinks will be provided.