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Holy Eucharist @ 10:00am on Sunday

Mornning prayer @ 8:30am on Friday

The Rev. Maryalice Sullivan, Interim priest
The Rev. James Kelliher, Deacon
Each Sunday our Eucharist is signed for the deaf by Brad Marshall
website: Stpeters-standrews.org


Saints for everyday

Cold mornings, hot chocolate a bit of whipping cream
kind words, a loving hug and a day started wrong is put right.
a quiet saint always there,
ready to love, to listen and full of kindness.

A small child, a warm lap, a shirt pocket full of lollipops,
a wonderful story,
strong arms that hold
the tears running down the cheeks dried and smile restored.

Living in a city far from home,
Neighbors who reach out,
Friendship, new skills, baking bread,
Bowling team, laughter instead of loneliness.

Tanzania a country of spectacular beauty and incredible poverty,
polluted air, lack of clean drinking water, fragile electricity, 
Not enough doctors or medicine, too much malaria and sickness
Yet, singing is heard, laughter is shared, everyday saints throughout the land.

Eleven people dead,
A place of prayer, worship and community covered in darkness
Thousands gather, candles are lit, prayers are said, songs are sung
The light shines in the darkness and the face of God is seen.

Saints are all around us,
They are here, responding to simple and complicated needs,
giving life, being light, doing random acts of kindness that fill the world
With love.


Slate Painting Party:”

Saturday, November 10, 2018-Time: 2 to 4pm
St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
25 Pomona Ave.
Providence, RI 02908
Email: Stpanda25@verizon.net 

Come join us for an afternoon of fun.  Slates and art supplies will be provided. JP Fernades and his husband Donn from A Splash of Color will be with us to guide us to make our very own painting to take home.

Hor d oeuvres, Deserts, Coffee, tea and more
Tickets: $20.00

“Come for an afternoon of fun”

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS/ “Operation Holiday Cheer”


Please, DO Bring                                              Please DON'T Bring

Individual Powdered Drink                        Anything in glass
Beef Jerky (no pork)                                    Anything aerosol
Cookies (no homemade)                            Items over 16 oz.
Boxed Crackers                                            Books (hardcover or
Peanut Butter                                                paperback
Trail Mix                                                        Boxed games
Granola Bars                                                 Basketballs
Sunflower Seeds                                          Soccer balls
Nuts                                                                Volleyballs
Chewing gum                                                Baseball or whiffle bats
Moist towelettes, Baby Wipes                   Bulk Items
 (Individual Containers)
Tissues                                                           Canned Food
DVD’s                                                             Chocolate (it melts)
Crossword Puzzles                                       Religious Items
Batteries (AA & AAA only)                          Bar Soap or _Foot Powder
Head Lamp
Playing cards, Card games
Feminine Products                                           
Zip Lock bags (sm. & lg.)                                       
Toothbrush                                                    _________________________

*TRAVEL size of the following*
Hand Sanitizer                                               _________________________
Hand & Body lotion
Shower Gel
Shaving items


Thanksgiving Service -

Tuesday November 20th @6:30pm

This is a shared worship with Shekinah to give Thanks to God for all that we have.  We will continue in the sharing afterwards with coffee, tea and maybe even pumpkin pie.


Please remember to use the Amazon Smile which can be found on our website. Website

SHARE the JOY In the spirit of the season, we once again hope to brighten the lives of others. Each recipient will receive a “fun” item and an article of clothing. Our goal is to reach $500-$600. Please make your donation by Sunday, November 18th if possible. Please make checks payable to St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s Church & write “SHARE the JOY” on the memo line. Cash will also be accepted. If you have any questions, please speak with Joyce Gilkenson.