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We welcome you in the name of God. Enter St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s not as a stranger, but as a guest of God. If this is your first visit here, we are honored and blessed to worship with you. We pray that you will feel welcome and that you receive spiritually for this worship time. We hope you return to worship with us again. We invite you to join us for coffee hour following the service.



Weekly E-pistle, July 15, 2018


Last week I happen to arrive at church a bit earlier then usual on Friday morning.  I expected to be alone but instead I met a beautiful three year old boy and his grandmother.  They live just down the street from the church.  Neither of them spoke a word of English, yet we had fun, playing ball or rather playing chase the ball.  The church doors were open and both of them wanted to peak inside.  The child was curious, the grandmother was just happy to sit in the pew and spend some quiet time with God.  Our visit ended with the sharing of a few cookies and lots of smiles.  Truly a blessed way to start any day.  It did make me think that we need to have some material about the church and the parish that are in Spanish.  We have now ordered the small book of prayers, “Day by Day” in Spanish, so that is a start.    Friday mornings have become so special.  Whenever possible Jim and I share Morning Prayer or maybe a simple Eucharist on the stone benches outside the church, I am wondering who we might meet this week.

God of goodness and delight
Always ready to fill our hearts with all good things
In this world where there is so much darkness
Give us the grace to turn towards the light.

Help us to have eyes to see the simple things
Quiet our minds so we can take them in,
Give us courage to be open 
To love and be loved.


Greetings from National Convention

Greetings from Austin
The Rhode Island deputies and I are now in the middle of the General Convention, wading our way through the budget and innumerable resolutions! And we have had amazing opportunities to bear witness to God's love. 

Yesterday the Bishops Against Gun Violence, of which I'm a member, organized a gathering at a local park where an Episcopal father whose daughter was killed at the Parkland Florida school gave a powerful witness to how he found God in the midst of that awful experience. 

Bishop Curry was joined by over a thousand Episcopalians who traveled to a nearby immigration detention center in a public witness to the recent policies that separated families. "We do not come in hatred, we do not come in bigotry, we do not come to put anybody down, we come to lift everybody up. We come in love, we come in love because we follow Jesus and Jesus taught us love,” said Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, in his sermon during the noontime Prayer of Vision, Witness and Justice held in sight of the Hutto Detention Facility.


Bishop Curry and our own Patrick Greene, rector of St. Matthew's and St. Mark's, Barrington, were featured on a Fox News video (after the ad). 

This is the second of three special editions of the newsletter during General Convention to help you stay informed. The message from the Presiding Bishop (below) is especially important. Please share with others and encourage them to sign up for these newsletters at


Presiding Bishop urges us to embrace 'Way of Love' for spiritual growth
[Episcopal News Service – Austin, Texas] The opening Eucharist of the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church on July 5 included lively music in many styles, communion for thousands of people and a sermon by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry calling on members of the Episcopal Church to embrace spiritual practices that can help lead them to a Jesus-centered life.

Called the “Way of Love,” the seven practices provide a Rule of Life that all Episcopalians are encouraged to adopt.
  • Turn: Pause, listen and choose to follow Jesus.
  • Learn: Reflect daily on scripture, especially the life and teachings of Jesus.
  • Pray: Spend time with God in prayer every day.
  • Worship: Gather in community for worship every week.
  • Bless: Share one’s faith and find ways to serve other people.
  • Go: Move beyond one’s comfort to witness to the love of God with words and actions.
  • Rest: Dedicate time for restoration and wholeness.

The first of many projects:

The picture is the new tiles for our roofs!  The first of many projects that will be happening throughout the summer and into the fall.  The parish house, the rectory and the parish office will soon have new roofs and then no more leaks.  We will work on the garden area behind the rectory this Saturday and probably many other Saturdays to come.  Everyone is welcome, we plan on beginning at 10:00am, bring your enthusiam and joy and come.  More clean up to come in our upstairs area above the parish hall and in the downstairs.  Plenty of things to let go of and clear out space for new adventures.  What new adventures, well those that the Holy Spirit will stir deep in our hearts  as we open ourselves to respond to our Baptismal promises.  We are afterall called to be the heart and hands of Christ to all that we meet.  The heart and hands of love to each other and to the neighborhood and to the world beyond.  We are called to be co-creators with our God wheather we are painting, cleaning, creating, imagining, dreaming, praying, washing dishes or scrubbing the kitchen floor.  
We have much painting to do, painting will be happening in the parish hall from the money we received from our insurance claim.  The parish office between the rectory and the church will soon be painted and there there is a whole rectory that needs painting,  And as you know we received all the money for the paint for the santuary which we will paint this fall.  So what else, well I am sure there is more but this is enough for now.  

Come and be part of this journey, restoring our buildings, listening for the call of new ministries and catching the fire of the Holy Spirit!


Happy Birthday Elsie!

100 years young!

It is a privilege to be able to celebrate Elsie’s 100th birthday with her and thank her for sharing her birthday with the congregation.  This is most certainly a precious moment in her life.  This parish has been of Elsie’s life and she part of its life for ten decades.  This is where she was baptized on Easter Eve in 1919 and this is where she has come to pray for all of her life.  If the walls of this church could talk the stories they could tell.  They would tell stories of Elsie setting the Altar, cleaning the pews, laughing with her good friend June and so many others; fixing meals for those in need and simply loving all who come through the doors.  

Elsie may God continue to be your light,
As you are our light,
May each day be blessed and full of grace,
May you continue to read and enjoy the simple pleasures of life
And be surrounded by the love of Christ and this your family. Amen.