2018 Newsletter

St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

25 Pomona Ave

Providence, RI 02908



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The Rev. Maryalice Sullivan, Priest-

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The Rev. James Kelliher, Deacon

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Holy Eucharist @ 10:00 am Sunday 

Morning Prayer @ 8:30 am Friday

We welcome you in the name of God. Enter St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s not as a stranger, but as a guest of God. If this is your first visit here, we are honored and blessed to worship with you. We pray that you will feel welcome and that you receive spiritually for this worship time. We hope you return to worship with us again. We invite you to join us for coffee hour following the service.

Weekly E-pistle,

October 14, 2018


A childhood memory of Fall 

A slab of granite, placed on top of a hill
A seat or perhaps a throne waiting for its Queen or King
Below a river that sparkles,
The glittering sun causing diamonds to dance on it surface.

Above a sky of bright blue 
A hood of pure beauty,
Raising from the river a mountain
All decorated for autumn,

It seems that God has been at play again,
Turning the green leaves into jewels of red, yellow and gold.
A panorama of nature at her best,
The afternoon warm with a bit of a breeze to cool the skin.

There is music in the air,
The songs of birds calling one to another,
The leaves rustle and the trees rain down acorns,
Squirrels scurry to pick them up-food for winter.

God has thought of everything,
An invitation is issued,-Come and sit awhile,
Be with me says God
I did this just for you.



Construction Update:

The painting in the rectory is almost complete.  The painting in the parish house has begun and all projects are moving forward.  
As a parish there are many things that we can do such as volunteer a bit of time to help clean out the draws of the file cabinets in Catherine's office.  The cupboards in the anti room to the bathroom need to be cleaned out and organized.  We still have to clean out more from the balcony space.  All of our lovely fans that have kept us cool during the summer need to be clean so they can be stored for the winter and the list goes on.  Most of these tasks are fairly simple and just takes some time, so if you have a bit of time to offer please let me know.  No amount of time is too small.  Together with God's help we can do this.

Upcoming events:

October, November and December look to be rather busy months

  • This Sunday after worship anyone is welcome to join us for a visit to Terry Guinta to help celebrate her birthday.  
  • For the next three weeks we will all have an opportunity to trace our hands on a cloth that then will be our Altar hanging for All Saints Sunday, November 4th.  

 October 21 is our Bishop’s Committee Meeting 

Later that same afternoon we will be going to Worcester to listen to our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.  Anyone wishing to go please talk to either myself, Jim or Art.

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          Halloween-Wednesday October 31

I will be at church to give out candy to the children of the neighborhood.  Anyone wishing to donate some candy for this event please do so.

Anyone wishing to come and be with me to hand out the candy please come.  It should be fun, what sound is better then that of children’s laughter and delight!

Slate Painting Party:”
Saturday, November 3, 2018-Time: 2 to 4pm
St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
25 Pomona Ave.
Providence, RI 02908
Email: Stpanda25@verizon.net

Come join us for an afternoon of fun.  Slates and art supplies will be provided. JP Fernandez and his husband, Donn
will be with us to guide us to make our very own painting to take home.

Hor d oeuvres, Deserts, Coffee, tea and more
Tickets: $20.00
“Come for an afternoon of fun”


Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service
Tuesday, November 22
Time to be announced
Place@ St. Peter's & St. Andrew's 


Advent Events:
Christmas Bazaar, December 1

  • Mitten and hat tree-during Advent
  • Collection for our troops (we will be hearing more about this from Joyce Gilkenson
  • Christmas presents for children in need (more information to follow)




St. Peter's & St. Andrew's - Weekly E-pistle, October 7, 2018

This Sunday we will blessed the animals:
Everyone is invited to bring their pet or a picture of their pet, or perhaps a favorite stuff animal and we will bless the creatures of God who bless us with their love and faithfulness.

Jim and I ask you to read and pray the prayer  below.  

Slate Painting Party

Saturday: November 10, 2018
Time:         2-4pm
Place:       St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s
                  25 Pomona Ave
                  Providence, RI 02908
Email:       Panda25@verizon.net

We were given a gift by The Rev. Joyce of slates so come one, come all and use the gift given to have fun and raise a bit of money for the church.  JP Fernandez and his husband, Donn from “A Splash of Color”  will be with us to teach and guide us all to be artists.  It promises to be an afternoon of fun.  There will be some raffles, and of course hor d’oeurves, deserts, coffee, tea and more

Tickets are $20.00

The picture of course is one of our lovely window depicting Mary, Joseph and Jesus on their journey to Egypt. They were unsure of what was ahead, they were following their hearts and voice of God.  We too are on a journey as we repair and restore our properties.  We are listening and discerning the call of God for us.  

Construction Update:  We continue to move forward with the work on the rectory and the parish house and the church.
In order to do the work that needs to be done on the parish house the money has come mostly from an insurance claim for damage done by ice dams.  The painting in the church comes from money raised from gifts for Elsie's birthday and the money for the extensive repairs for the rectory will come from a much needed loan from the diocese. I am happy to report that the loan was approved by the finance committee and by the Standing Committee of the Diocese this past week.  We are blessed.

Weekly E-pistle, September 30, 2018

God’s grace abounds

 A small child, a rolling hill and a plastic bike,
Mix the three together with a bit of imagination,
And what you have is laughter, genuine laughter,
And a lot of it.


Down the hill over and over again,
Each time with more laughter,
The rider faced backwards, unable to see where he was going,
Blessing his audience with the sheer joy on his face.


Curiosity, wonder, a bit of mischief,
Combined to make an otherwise ordinary afternoon,
Into something of pure joy and delight,
God’s holy grace, more then we could ever expect.


So simple yet profound,
God truly is everywhere,
Longing to give and praying that we are open to receive,
Blessing us every moment and in all ways.



“Slate Painting Party:”

Saturday, November 3, 2018-Time: 2 to 4pm
St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
25 Pomona Ave.
Providence, RI 02908
Email: Stpanda25@verizon.net 

Come join us for an afternoon of fun.  Slates and art supplies will be provided. JP Fernades and his husband Donn from A Splash of Color will be with us to guide us to make our very own painting to take home.

Hor d oeuvres, Deserts, Coffee, tea and more
Tickets: $20.00

“Come for an afternoon of fun”


Upcoming events

  • Blessing of the Animals - Sunday, October 7 @ 10:00am
  • Making of an Altar Hanging - Sundays, October 14, 21 & 28, the Altar hanging will be used on All Saints Sunday, November 4th.
  • Going to a revival in Worcester, MA with our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, October 21, leaving church at 3pm.  If you would like to come there are still some tickets available.
  • Slate Painting come one come all and paint a slate with the help of artist, JP Fernandes, November 10, 2018, time: 2 to 4pm- Ticket price $20.00
  • Christmas Bazaar, December 1, 2018

Update on Construction:
We have begun-the painters have been working all week patching and repairing and now beginning to paint in the rectory.  The kitchen demolition has been completed and work in the kitchen should begin this week.  The bathroom is also moving on to new life.  We have a leak in the rectory basement and all the tiles will have to be removed.  We are working on resolving the leak in the basement which seems to be a gutter problem.  Hopefully a new direction for the rain water will resolve that problem.  Unfortunately we also have some water coming in from our new roof in the rectory.  This too is being addressed and should be resolved soon.  Thank you for the expertise of Dean and the diligence of John and Art and the support of so many others. It sure does take a whole village of people to guide this process.

Coffee Hour:
Make the coffee*
Put out the juice
Supply baked goods or other goodies
Put out the sugar, cream (cream pitchers are in the cupboard) stirrers, napkins
All things needed for coffee hour are in the cupboards marked coffee hour..  Platters & plates on the counter

*Coffee can be made before worship, there are two carafes, which will keep the coffee hot, one for decaf (smaller) and one for regular (larger).


9/30/18                                                 Donna

10/7/18-Blessing of the Animals            Dot         (Treats for dogs and cats too)

10/14/18                                                Jimmy& Brad

10/21/18                                                 Lynn

10/28/18                                                 Donna

autumn leaves

St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s - Weekly E-pistle- September16, 2018


The word epiphany means the sudden realization of something that was unknown to you.  Epiphanies can be very big or rather small and they happen when they happen.  One of my own epiphanies came from the experience of eating cold pizza for breakfast.  I know that does not sound like much but for me it was the beginning of a new way of thinking and looking at the world.

I had stayed overnight at a friends house.  We had pizza for dinner and there were leftovers.  In the morning my friend served me the leftover pizza for breakfast.  Ordinary, plain ordinary event in my life, but for me it was the first time that I had eaten anything but breakfast food for breakfast.  In my mind there were rules, hard and fast rules about breakfast, it could be cereal and bananas, bacon and eggs, pancakes, French toast and that was pretty much it.  Any other food was reserved for lunch and beyond.  To eat any other food was against some unwritten law and would probably lead to some unwritten punishment.  

Eating that cold pizza early that morning was oh so good.  It dispelled my sense of rightness and wrongness about what one could eat for breakfast.  It opened for me a new way of thinking.  I found myself thinking about how many other things did I hold to be true that I needed to look at.  

This one simple event opened in me a process of looking at what I know and hold as a sacred truth and know that it is limited.  Understanding that there are other sacred truths just as important, just as holy and just like I bit into the cold pizza and it was good, so are many things outside of my own frame of reference; outside of my own experiences of life. It was a holy moment filled with grace.  Such a simple thing, a simple epiphany given by God that for me has become a way of life.  It has led me to places like the slums of Dorchester as well as the beauty of Tanzania.  We are all sisters and brothers created by God.  We are different from one another but it is in the tension of the differences that creative energy emerges and wonderful things happen. 



Construction updates

This week we were able to secure the floor sander and the contractor for the repairs for the parish house and the painting of the rectory.  Now we wait for the contract and for the actual start date.  It is all a process sometimes moving slowly and at other times moving at the speed of light.

The clearing out process has continued with two more closets downstairs emptied.  Under the sinks, the one in the kitchen, and the two in the bathroom have been cleaned and all cleaning products, because of their hazardous materials, are now stored in an upper cabinet in the anti room to the bathroom. 

A leak in our basement of the parish house was discovered in the process of cleaning things out.  A solution to the leak or at least a partial solution is to re-direct the water from the outside drain pipe.  A bit of creativity and we should be able to solve the cause of this problem.  At some point we will have to re-point our bricks, taking care of our buildings is to be ever observant, diligent and to remain aware of these wonderful gifts we have been given.

Already the work that has been done is making a large difference.  We are blessed.

autumn leaves

St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s - Weekly E-pistle- September23, 2018

Prayers, Please Pray with me


Will you pray for my brother who’s in the hospital?  Will you pray for my husband, he needs surgery next week?  Will you pray for my dog, she’s very sick?  These are the requests made of me on a regular basis.  And, yes, I’ve been asked to pray for pets, often in fact.  My response does not change, no matter the request.  ‘Of course, but why don’t we pray together now.’  One individual told me she didn’t know how, since I was clergy she figured I could pray for her.  

These requests no matter the circumstances, validate me as a clergy person, but prayer is not and should not be reserved for the select few.  After all, what is prayer, but a conversation with God.  Prayers from a clergy person are no more valid or important then anyone else’s.  I certainly, do not have the ‘hot line’ to the Almighty.

And what are my prayers?  I’ve shocked more then a couple people that I’ve prayed with.  They’re not fancy, not full of divine words of wisdom and piety, they are just as I said, a conversation with God, asking as an intercessor on behalf of the person making the request.  Many may argue this point, and I would not be pretentious enough to debate it, but time in prayer is necessary not only on behalf of another, but ourselves as well.


I offer to you a suggestion, that was given to me many years ago, even if you have nothing to say, spend 5 minutes in silence and listen for God to speak to you.  You’ll be surprised at how well this feeds the soul.  In our busy day to day world, if all you have is 5 minutes, why not spend them doing something that perhaps might just change your life or outlook.  I pray for each of you daily, and hope you’ll pray for me as well.  Lord knows we could all use all the prayer we can get.

God bless you all...  Jim

Building Community, praying, learning, eating, laughing, holding each other in times of

joy and sorrow - being a welcoming oasis of love to all.

Our life together is ever evolving.  Up until now most of the time has been the cleaning and the repairing of our buildings.  That has taken a lot of energy and time and will continue to do so.  It is good.  One bid at a time, one piece of the reconstruction at a time, one closet cleaned, one draw emptied of ancient things long forgotten and no longer useful or needed and little by little we have been moving forward.  At this moment we are current with our bills, there is new energy, new hope and new joy.  

Now we can turn at least some of our focus to building community within the parish and the neighborhood.

Sunday October 7th will be the Blessing of the Animals during the 10:00 o’clock celebration of the Holy Eucharist

Sunday October 14, 21 and 28 there will be a table cloth in the parish house.  During coffee we will have the opportunity to trace our hands on the cloth and this cloth will become our Altar hanging for the Feast of All Saints on Sunday, Novermber 4th.

During Advent we will have a tree in the sanctuary which we will decorate with hats and mittens to be given away.  We will also have the opportunity during coffee hour
to make a Christmas ornament to hang on the tree when the hats and mittens are removed.

Fun/Fund Raiser:

Mark your calendars:

Saturday afternoon, November 3rd we’ Re invited to come together to paint a slate.  Slates were left to us by Rev. Joyce, and yes, there will be an artist on hand to give us specific directions on the how’s why’s and what’s so that each of us will have a beautiful slate to take home.  There will be several baskets for raffle, hors d’ourves, deserts, and more.  This will be a fun afternoon.  The price will be $20.00 a ticket and the rest of the details will be forwarded.  Tickets will be available next week.  So begin to think about who you might invite.  We have a goal of selling 50 tickets.  This will give us the money needed to continue to have a balanced budget.

Saturday, December 1st will be the annual Christmas bazaar, food, fun, come one come one and all and bring your friends.