St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Sunday Eucharist @ 10:00
The Rev. Maryalice Sullivan
The Rev. James W. Kelliher, Deacon
Bradley Marshall, sign language interpreter

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First Sunday in Advent

This Sunday is the first day of the new year in the church.  We begin our journey anew with hope and expectation.  We, like Mary and Joseph, are called to say yes to God: Yes, to new possibilities, new hopes, new dreams.  And like Mary and Joseph in order to say yes, we have to leave things behind; the eternal struggle of being open to new and letting the old slip away.   It is in our nature to want to hang onto what we know, but it is the call of God to continue to grow so that we can blossom into all that we can be.  
We at St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s are so blessed.  May we drink in the grace of God and continue to be transformed.

An Advent Prayer: 


Daylight fades before evening begins,
It is meant to be quiet time
But the world understands this not,
Instead we run at warped speed.

Racing to and fro to find the right gift,
To find the best price,
Each store has a deal that just cannot be missed,
We buy and we buy some more.

There are parties and luncheons,
Gatherings and family events,
Card writing, gift wrapping,
So much to do and so little time.

Yet, we are in Advent,
A time of waiting,
A time of praying,
A time of longing.

It is the time of year we are called to go slow,
To listen and to rest into the darkness,
Soon and very soon, as the song tells us,
Something wonderful will happen.

So take time, put the busy world aside
Do not be afraid to enter into the darkness,
Rest awhile, let yourself feel the very air that is pregnant,
Pregnant with God’s Love.

Stir us Oh God, to hear the voice of the one crying in the wilderness,
hold us so we may hold you, 
open the arms of our heart and let us breath deeply the air of waiting,
not rushing to the end, but rather embracing each moment. Amen.




In-gathering Sunday-The Blessings of our pledges

We will bless our pledges this Sunday, if you need a pledge card they will be in the front pew

Please remember to go to website and use the Amazon Smile!



Coffee hours hosts are needed

Find a partner and sign up for coffee hour.  Just bring some goodies and
put things away afterwards.

Gratitude and Grace

On this day…….
On Thanksgiving Day, I had to work. Now before you ponder that, and feel sorry for me, or remorseful that I was not able to participate in the traditional festivities that we have grown accustomed to, I would like to give you something to think about.
I sat at work on Thanksgiving Day, and attended to the normal service calls, that I’m accustomed to in my day to day work.  I have a job.
I ate alone, and enjoyed soup, crackers, and some chips.  I have food.
I sat while eating with my jacket off, in my office.  I had heat and shelter from the bitter elements of that day.
Indeed, when we look at the blessings rather then complaining about the burdens, many of us are faced with a glaring reality.  We are blessed.
I have a job, that affords a home.  I have food, that sustains me.  I have heat and shelter, that affords me comfort.  I’m blessed beyond measure, but not everyone is.
As we enter into the secular holiday season, I ask that we count each and every blessing that God has given us, and with truly thankful hearts, give credit to where it lies.  These are blessings that we enjoy.  There are so many less fortunate then us.  Let us all keep that in mind, as we race to the malls, and shopping centers, to buy that elusive gift for someone.  Take a moment and pause to realize all that we have, and not the elusive things that we do not have.
God bless you all.


Construction Update

Our new Garage Door is in, please take time to look at our progress.


In-gathering/ Pledge Sunday

Next week will be not only the First Sunday in Advent it will also be our in-gathering Sunday, the Sunday that we bless our pledges and ask God that they be enough and give thanks for every one of them.  So if you have not already turned in your pledge card, please do your best to have it in by next Sunday.


‘Abundant God, you made us in your image and breathed in us a spirit of generosity that is both gift and response. Move us, we pray, to give as we have received-abundantly, generously, and joyfully that our common ministry my ever bear witness to your unfailing grace. In the name of the Three in whom we are One, Amen.’

Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar next Saturday, 9-2:30.

Good time
A lovely way to support the church

Shopping on-line

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Thank you

Brad and Jimmy generously presented the church with a new Altar Cloth and it fits perfectly and it is beautiful.  Thank you so much!
The Altar Cloth along with so many other gifts that have been given are true signs of the resurrection of the parish.



Thank you!

Slate Painting Party is a success!

We had fun, we ate well, we laughed, and we painted, all and all the afternoon was a great successs.  We also added $670.00 to our budget.  We are blessed!

A Christmas Tree waiting to be decorated.

So this tree will be decorated by the Bishop’s Committee, with the help of Catherine.  The theme of the tree is purple and gold.  The tree is a donation to the Christmas Bazaar to be raffled off.  Next year we hope that we will have ten trees each with a different theme.  So be thinking about how you might decorate a tree, a Disney theme, a train theme, Lottery tickets, sport theme or whatever your imagination might dream up.   Find a partner or two and now is the time to be thinking about next year.

Update on Construction/Renovation

Check out the bright clean walls of our parish house and imagine how much brighter it will be when the ceiling is painted.  In the rectory, the kitchen cabinets, counter top and sink have been delivered.   The bath tub, vanity and new toilet are there too all waiting to be put into place.  The new garage door and door opener will be installed on Monday and the new windows will be installed on December 1st.