In the Episcopal tradition, Holy Communion, which we usually refer to as "Holy Eucharist", is very important because at this time we recall the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and give thanks for His presence in our lives. We celebrate the Holy Eucharist every Sunday. At St. Peter's and St. Andrew's, all who believe in the presence of Christ, are welcome to the table to take the consecrated bread and wine.

Our regular Sunday worship follows special religious seasons of the year or sometimes a theme (e.g. Recovery Sunday or Racial Justice in Commemoration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) We also offer many special worship services throughout the year, including Christmas, Lent, and Easter. In the Episcopal tradition, worship is the "work of the people" and we welcome participation of all in providing worship. (See Volunteer Opportunities for some suggestions)

Sunday Worship Schedule

10 a.m. Holy Communion (Contemporary in English)

Holy Baptism

Baptism is the initiation into God's church. In the Episcopal tradition, we make certain promises or vows at baptism which serve as our rule of life. Parents and adult sponsors make these promises on behalf of children who are to be baptized. Persons of any age may be baptized. Baptisms take place within a worship service on special Sundays during the year. Instruction is required for the candidates or their parents and sponsors. If you are interested in being baptized, contact Rev. Maryalice Sullivan---email: revmas90@gmail.com   Cell 508-982-3889

Holy Matrimony (Weddings)

Couples interested in a service of Christian Marriage should contact our Priest-in-Charge at least 90 days in advance of a wedding date. They must be baptized Christians. For fee guidelines, contact our church office. Several sessions of marital counseling are required in advance of the ceremony. Marriage ceremonies are at the discretion of the Priest. Divorced persons are eligible, providing they meet the conditions of the Diocese and the Episcopal Church.



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