In the Episcopal tradition, Holy Communion, which we usually refer to as "Holy Eucharist", is very important because at this time we recall the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and give thanks for His presence in our lives. We celebrate the Holy Eucharist every Sunday. At St. Peter's and St. Andrew's, all who believe in the presence of Christ, are welcome to the table to take the consecrated bread and wine.

Our regular Sunday worship follows special religious seasons of the year or sometimes a theme (e.g. Recovery Sunday or Racial Justice in Commemoration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) We also offer many special worship services throughout the year, including Christmas, Lent, and Easter. In the Episcopal tradition, worship is the "work of the people" and we welcome participation of all in providing worship. (See Volunteer Opportunities for some suggestions)

Sunday Worship Schedule

10 a.m. Holy Communion (Contemporary in English)

Holy Baptism

Baptism is the initiation into God's church. In the Episcopal tradition, we make certain promises or vows at baptism which serve as our rule of life. Parents and adult sponsors make these promises on behalf of children who are to be baptized. Persons of any age may be baptized. Baptisms take place within a worship service on special Sundays during the year. Instruction is required for the candidates or their parents and sponsors. If you are interested in being baptized, contact Rev. Maryalice Sullivan---email: revmas90@gmail.com   Cell 508-982-3889

Holy Matrimony (Weddings)

Couples interested in a service of Christian Marriage should contact our Priest-in-Charge at least 90 days in advance of a wedding date. They must be baptized Christians. For fee guidelines, contact our church office. Several sessions of marital counseling are required in advance of the ceremony. Marriage ceremonies are at the discretion of the Priest. Divorced persons are eligible, providing they meet the conditions of the Diocese and the Episcopal Church.





Marriage is a sacramental rite in the Episcopal Church; therefore, a wedding is a sacred liturgy which usually includes a Holy Eucharist although this is optional. All weddings are officiated by the Parish Priest at St. Peter’s and St. Andrew’s Church.  Other Officiants are permitted only at the discretion of the Parish Priest. All decisions to marry a couple as well as liturgical and music choices are at the discretion of the Parish Priest or approved Officiant.



  • At least one of the persons to be married must be a baptized Christian. (However, neither have to be members of the parish.)
  • A minimum of 45 days notice is required from the signed Intent to Marry and the wedding if neither person has been divorced.
  • A minimum of 60 days notice is required if one or more members of the couple have been divorced. (Copies of divorce decree must be presented to the Officiant at this time).
  • One full calendar year must have elapsed since the court decree ending the previous marriage.  
  • In conformity with the canons and the National Episcopal Church, wedding services for heterosexual couples will follow the rite prescribed in the Book of Common Prayer (1979); wedding services for GLBT couples will follow the rite approved by the 2013 guidelines of the Episcopal Diocese of RI and the national church.
  • Three sessions (about 1 hr each) for pre-marital counseling and planning of the service are required of all couples to be married at St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s.
  • Music for the service is in consultation with the Parish Priest or alternative officiant and the parish musician. Non-sacred music should be reserved for the wedding reception.
  • A wedding rehearsal takes place one or two days before the wedding—usually the evening before the wedding.
  • Use of confetti, rice or birdseed, or balloons is prohibited in the church and on the grounds because of the damage it can do to the property and to animals/birds.
  • The Parish Hall may be used for a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception if it is available (see attached fees).  Please make arrangements with the Administrative Assistant.
  • Program:  A draft must FIRST be approved before a program or bulletin is copied. (Tor a fee, the church can handle the layout and reproduction.) 
  • Photography - Still photography is permitted at the beginning and end of the service. No flash photography is permitted of any kind during the service.  Time can be given after the service to re-create scenes for photos.
  • Videotaping is  permitted in a stationery location in the sanctuary which is assigned by the Parish Priest. (No lights, however, are permitted.



2+  months before service:

Session #1:  Meet with Officiant to obtain permission, complete application, sign Declaration of Intent, complete the Re-Marriage application (if divorced),  set the date of the service, and set appointments for pre-marital counseling and planning of the wedding liturgy.

NOTE: No date for a wedding may be set in advance with the Parish Administrator WITHOUT the parish priest’s permission.

1-2 months before service

     Complete Premarital Counseling and worship planning with Parish Priest;  Obtain marriage license from the appropriate town).

1 week before service:    Pay all fees to organist and others involved. (Church fees may be left with the Administrative Assistant.

Rehearsal day: Bring marriage license to the rehearsal for signature of Officiant.



It is customary to give a donation to the church to cover the cost of the heat, candles, altar guild, clean up. (Suggested donation $75-$150.) It is also customary to give a donation to the discretionary fund of the Priest performing the service. (Suggested donation is $100-$150.) 


                                                                        Communicant in Good Standing*                 Other

Church usage (set up, cleaning, altar guild)               Donation                                    $200


 Counseling fee (3 sessions)                                               $175                                                   $250


Bulletin or program (optional)                                              $50                                                      $50


Parish Hall Usage Reception (optional)                         Donation                                $125

Parish Hall clean up deposit (refundable)                         $50                                                    $ 50.


Organist + wedding rehearsal (to: Aurora Emdjian)      $200                                                    $200

    (extra rehearsal of soloist or instrumental                   $40/hr.                                 $40/hr.


Soloist or Instrumentalist(arranged with organist)          $100 (min.)                         $100 (min.



*“Communicant in good standing” is a parish member of St. Peter’s and St. Andrew’s who has attended Holy Eucharist at least 3 times in the 12 months before wedding date and has donated or fulfilled a pledge of at least $300 during this period.




A Christian burial service is provided at our church for parish members and their family members who are Christian.

                                       FUNERAL GUIDELINES




In the Episcopal Church we believe that through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, at death, “life is changed not ended; and when our mortal body lies in death, there is prepared for us a dwelling place eternal in the heavens.” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 382).


     Our burial services, therefore, find their meaning in the Resurrection. The services are characterized by joy in the eternal love of God in Jesus Christ and by our human grief at the death of a loved one. While we rejoice that a loved one is now with God, we are sorrowful with those who mourn.



The norms regarding burial set forth in the Book of Common Prayer “Burial of the Dead” will be followed in all services.

  • The Parish priest should be called before any funeral arrangements or dates are discussed or set with Funeral Home.
  • If the Parish priest is available, he/she will preside at all funerals held at St. Peter’s and St. Andrew’s.  At the discretion of the Parish Priest, other clergy may be invited to assist; however, no priest or deacon shall perform or assist in a funeral service at the church without the permission in advance of the Parish Priest.  (Canon law)
  • Once a date and time are set with the Parish priest and Funeral Home, the family will meet with the Parish priest to plan the service by selecting the lessons, the readers, and the music from a recommended list of sacred hymns.
  • Most burial services at the church will include Holy Communion; however, it is not obligatory. All baptized Christians attending the service are welcome to participate in Holy Communion—no matter their denomination. 
  • The rubrics of the Prayer Book (pp. 468, 490) state that baptized Christians are properly buried from the church. The appropriate alternative is a graveside service. However, if a parish member or their family choose to have the service in a Funeral Home, this choice will be honored by this parish.
  • Burials may have present: the body and casket of the loved one, cremated ashes of the loved one, or neither. Memorial services can also be arranged to honor a loved one who has passed away.



1.  Burial services are provided for those who are not parish members of St. Peter’s and St.   Andrew’s now and for those who were not active in their prior years. One does not have to be a member of an Episcopal church in order to have a burial service provided.


2. Burial services and music chosen for the burial service are at the discretion of the Parish Priest.



 FEES:    For Communicants in Good Standing*(see definition below), it is customary to give a donation to the church to cover the cost of the heat, candles, altar guild, clean up. (Suggested donation  $100 -$175.)  The Parish Priest provides many services related to a funeral, such as, officiating, pastoral care of the family, organizing the worship service, attending the wake, and the committal at graveside.  It is customary to give a donation to the discretionary fund of the Parish priest. These funds are used for helping the poor. (Suggested donation $150 - $200).                         


The family may make arrangements with the Funeral Director to collect and pay the fees. Please let the Funeral Home the fees and TO WHOM each check is to be made.   The organist fee is to be paid one day in advance of the service.  It may be left with the Parish Administrator or the Funeral Director.:


                                             Communicant in Good Standing*           Other


Church Usage (set up, cleaning, altar guild)                              Donation                                     $200

   (To: St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s)


Graveside Service (only)                                                          Donation                                     $150


Service in a Funeral home only                                    Donation                                       $250


Bulletin or program (optional)                                            $50                                           $50


Parish Hall Usage (optional)                                                       Donation                               $125

Parish Hall clean up deposit (refundable)                                    $50                                   $ 50                    

(To: St. Peter’s & St. Andrew’s Church)


Organist (without rehearsal)   (To: Aurora Emdjian)                 $175                                        $225

    (extra rehearsal with soloist)                                                              $40/hr.                                 $40/hr.


Soloist or Instrumentalist (arranged with organist)           $100 (min.)                     $100 (min.)




*“Communicant in good standing” is a parish member who has attended Holy Eucharist at least 3 times in the year and has donated or fulfilled a pledge of at least $300 during the prior year or current year.




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